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1/4 Pound Red Wiggler Mix

1/4 Pound Red Wiggler Mix

We sell our worms by weight only. All worm orders are completely cleaned of bedding material and accurately weighed per each order, before receiving packaging bedding for shipment. Each size order will contain an equal amount of packaging bedding to comfort them during shipment. Your  order will usually contain an assortment of different size worms ranging from small to large. Our worms are bed run, which means your order will contain not only all sizes of worms, but may also include different species of worms as well.  We do our best to accommodate customers request, but we do not guarantee one specific size, count, or species of  worm.  All of our worms are wonderful composters and with attention and care can multiply quickly. Your worm population, in optimal conditions, could double every 3-4 months.
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